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Dancing with Razor Blades – a play with film, music and martial arts

Commissioned by: Burnley Youth Theatre, 2003

Writer & Co-director: Adam Strickson


Ideas for the play were developed from workshops with 20 young men aged 15 to 23 from Burnley. 

A fast and gruesome tale of crime, survival, love and loyalty, with rap n’ rhyme, lethal high kicks, half a plane wing, a guitar on full blast and a few laughs. Dancing with Razor Blades is set in Burnley – or ‘Burnt-lee’ as it has become - 100 years from now. It’s about the choices we make and the choices that are made for us. It’s about values: those we choose to follow and those others try and persuade us to follow. Find out who’s creating a new society in the forest, who enjoys the virtual sun and sex of ‘The Glazy Complex’ in the centre of Burnt-lee, and who ends up living hand to mouth on a scrap heap.

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